About Us

About Me

I, Rohit Swerashi, am an Entrepreneur working to Empower Women and enhance the Health of India.

Why Me

Reason 1

4 Years+ Experience in the field of Entrepreneurship

Reason 2

Successfully Failed in previous 03 Startups in Prototype

Reason 3

Tried & Failed at numerous things in many different fields

Reason 4

Experienced in Business Strategy Development

Our Team

The biggest asset in entrepreneurship is your team

# the Homians Team

Kudos to the Team !

Our Mentors

We are grateful to have such great & experienced mentors, tutors & advisors

Kanisshka Tyagi
Anuj Batra
Anshul Rustaggi
Smita Pandey

Partner, Legum Amicuss

Co-founder, Andromeida
Founder, Totality Corp
Founder, Fandoro
Let's Build More Entrepreneurs

This is the time to take steps and build more New Entrepreneurs

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